Amazon – mud, mosquitoes and monkeys

After flying from Bogota to Lima for an overnight stop (surprisingly interesting place Lima, we would have liked to spend longer there) we then caught a flight to Puerto Maldonando. On landing there we were met at the airport and transfered by bus and then boat to our lodge on the edge of the river. I have to admit this wasn´t exactly a mud hut deal, our cabana was nicer than most of the hotel rooms we have stayed in recently. The main inconvenience was that the power was only on for periods of 4-6 hours during the day and off all night. Not exactly roughing it though!

On the first day we were taken out for an orientation walk around the immediate area. The property had previously been a rubber plantation and a hospital but was now owned by Inkaterra who finance their preservation work, in part, by eco- tourism. Having got our bearings we were then fed and had a couple of hours before the night walk. This was mainly memorable for our guide coaxing a tarantula out of it’s home with a stick!

The next morning we set out on a short 3km walk to Sandoval Lake. Unfortunately after the first 100m the path turned into a mud bath. The effort involved in physically extracting your feet after each step was only equalled by the concentration required to try and navigate the best route through. The lake was worth the work, the tranquility was overwhelming as we were rowed around by the guide and the wildlife around us was amazing. We returned to the lodge muddy and soaked through! 

We spent the next couple of days in various locations around the lodge, we walked on the rainforest canopy rope bridges, ate exotic fruit and veg in a local farm, discovered various herbal remedies in the botanic garden  and rowed around the small lagoon spotting turtles and “stinky birds”. 

Ann managed to accumulate a record 34 mosquito bites in one day, despite being covered from head to toe and wearing a can of mosquito repellent! Amongst other animals we saw many bats, butterflies, caiman and monkeys. We watched the howler monkeys in the treetops as we had tea one day, a family came together and then after a short while swung off through the branches. 

The Amazon was everything we hoped it would be, it is breathtakingly beautiful but with the edge of danger ever present. 


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  1. Annabelle Broadhurst says:

    Gosh You Two are just living in a different world. How are you ever going to settle down here again. The world is in such turmoil and very sad to see the general war feelings rise again..
    Your whole trip has just been so exciting and new but you must long for home sometimes.
    Nothing has changed here. I have been waiting for a few months now for my back op. In dreadful pain but just have to keep going, walking and enjoying a lot of sun! Best spring weather for ages though very cold and frosty at night still . Take care and look forward to seeing you on your return. Can’t remember when that is but shall see you whenever it is.
    Much love

    Sent from my iPad


    1. paulsmyth2013 says:

      Hi Annabelle
      It does feel very different at times but also it’s shown us that people aren’t that different wherever you go, they all want the same things – usually a decent mobile signal!
      We are back in Edinburgh some time in July, will definitely be in touch to meet up.

      All the best
      Paul and Ann


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