Cartagena – old town, inquisitions and knockers!

Cartagena is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities we have visited. To be more precise the old town, which for the most part seems to have been virtually unchanged for the last two hundred years. The Spanish colonial style has aged well and the weather helps produce flowers in abundance on the numerous balconies. It is a place you can wander around for days, the streets were deliberately designed to be narrow (to provide shade) and twisty (to confuse pirates and other unwanted visitors). 

The door knockers relate to the professions of the people who lived in them. Amongst others the seahorse designated a sailor and an Iguana a writer. 

Cartagena was one of the most infamous venues for the Spanish inquisition (no one expected that). The museum which stands in it’s memory isn’t actually that interesting but strangely enough the Catholic Church has stopped them from making it more attractive to visitors. 

If anyone is looking for a new business idea then we came across one here that could be an interesting proposition. The building opposite our hotel contained the brilliantly named ‘Beer and Laundry’ and it did just that, while you waited on your washing you could have a beer and home made pizza. Alternatively, and what we did, was drop off laundry and when we returned to pick it up have a beer and a chat with the lovely owner Lilliana. In perfect English she gave us suggestions of less well known places to visit in both Cartagena and Medellin along with restaurants and dishes to try. She even gave us her contact details in case we needed any help anywhere else we went!


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