Cooking with Poo!

It’s obviously an eye catching name but behind the light hearted nature of this there is a very serious undertaking. The classes are the more public face of what is essentially a co-operative enterprise. The classes are still run in the slum area where Poo has always lived, she employs people from the area not only to help her run the kitchen and classes but also to produce items that enhance the experience, such as the hand-made recipe bags. This is not to reduce the quality of the cooking class to a sideshow but rather to place it in its appropriate context. The class starts with a tour of the local market, this market supplies all the restaurants and food stalls in Bangkok and is accordingly huge! It is not a place for vegetarians or anyone queasy about where their food comes from. It is a raw and powerful experience with butchery visible to all. The sheer variety of fish, meat, fruit and vegetables is astounding. We moved from the market to the kitchen where we cooked 3 dishes. The small class of 10 with only half cooking at any one time made it a very personal experience. The ingredients were set out for us and after Poo had demonstrated the recipe it was our turn. Each dish only took about ten minutes to cook but the simplicity belied the fact that they were all delicious! As a dessert we were given the opportunity to taste 10 of the differed fruits we had seen in the market. The whole experience left you feeling very positive both about your own cooking skills and, more importantly, that there are people like Poo out there who care so deeply about their communities and are making such valuable contributions to them. 


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  1. Audrey says:

    Ten minute cooking that’s delicious! Count me in.


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