Chatuchak Market and the MBK Center 

Chatuchak is Bangkok’s largest outdoor weekend market. Full of just about everything you could want including; food, clothes, furniture to name a few. 
The market is like a rabbit warren of stalls interweaving from one section to the next. 
Each group of items have their own section of the market to make it easier if you’re looking for something in particular. 
We decided to just wander around sampling food and drinks as we went and getting some clothes bargains at the same time. 
The next day having not gotten our fill of shopping we visited the MBK center, an indoor version of the weekend market, with the added bonus of air conditioning. 
It is on seven floors, where each floor specialises in a group of merchandise. The food island on the sixth floor is an array of traditional and not so traditional thai food. You first have to purchase a cash card which is a credit style card that you put money onto. Once you have this you’re able to go to any of the vendors and purchase food and drinks. 
We decided to have stewed pork and noodle soup only I didn’t realise how spicy it was! Let’s just say Paul did great and ate his while I went back and got bbq pork and chips!!



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  1. Audrey says:

    I’m going to the car boot sale on Sunday……. Not quite the same thing though! Haha


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