Sri Lanka

Well it’s been a very quick 2 weeks in Sri Lanka. There has been a lot of unwinding by the pool and beach but also some unforgettable moments. We saw a man carrying a bed frame along the street- still made up and with a strap over his shoulder to make it easier! The tuk-tuk driver who told us about his evacuation to Germany as a young child after the Tsunami. He spent 3 months there and as a result speaks fluent German as well as English, which he uses to give tours.(talk about making lemonade when life gives you lemons). The little girl so keen to practice her English she shouted out ‘how are you?’ to us from her front garden, much to the amusement of her mum and older sisters. It can sound condescending to label everyone in a country as friendly and helpful but we only came across people that were in our time here. Of course the country is also very beautiful, from the vast beaches to the hilltop tea plantations the variety of scenery is breathtaking. To cap it all when we went down for breakfast this morning at our fantastic hotel we found our table decorated with flowers and lentils, sums it up really!


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  1. Becky Colegrave says:

    From Amelie: I hope you are having fun.I really really miss you. Mr Anderson is boasting about having the best class in the school (as usual)


    1. Hi Amelie, missing you and our (old) class to. I’m really enjoying my trip and am having lots of fun learning about this part of the world. I’m also reading a lot 😀📚say hi to our class 👋🏼 from Mrs Smyth


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