Galle Fort

Galle Fort has variously been occupied by the Portugese, Dutch and most recently the British. There is a new town outside the walls but the old city is where we visited. The influence of it’s former colonial past is very obvious in the buildings, which include a large number of churches. Many of the buildings are being restored and a lot of the original houses have been remodelled into boutique shops, hotels and restaurants. A walk along the ramparts provides some relief from the intense heat of the town and also some interesting and breathtaking views. At various times we passed: a couple of school classes complete with their lunches wrapped in newspaper (don’t think they had been to the local chippy though) , 3 impromptu cricket matches, a game of Kabbadi,  kite fliers and a man with a monkey and a snake. We stayed there to watch the sunset but unfortunately the cloud cover meant there wasn’t much to see. 


One Comment Add yours

  1. Audrey says:

    Wow! If that’s sunset on a cloudy day it must be amazing on a clear one!! I think it all looks beautiful.


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